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Our data centre is being transferred. Please don’t make any changes for the next 10 hours.

Hey family,

Last 7 days, we were seeing a high spike in resource utilisation of our server. Upon analysing the reason behind this, we found that 28.6% of our global traffic was incoming from the US. 

However, our current servers were located in a Bangalore-based data centre (India). So, to make your agents and projects run smoother and faster and eliminate any potential server crash, we are migrating our servers to a US-based data centre. 

Please note : The website would be live during this duration and your applications will also be working as before. However, no new changes would be saved. 

This transfer will take ~10 hours and we will let you know once it is over. 

We are grateful for your cooperation and love you guys 馃檪

Have a great day!


Udit, Supervised AI

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