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Issue #13 | LLM Studio beta list oversubscribed by 125%.

Hello family,

Udit this side, chief dev at Supervised AI. 2 days ago, I mailed about a new tech we were building to let you build, iterate and deploy your own language models via a unified interface. And, I am so happy to announce that with an overwhelming support of yours, it is now oversubscribed by 125%. 

It was a tough call as release of LLM Studio is our first step in transiting into a deep-tech enterprise solution. And investing heavily into a product that changes our coarse of happening is always associated by its own risks. 

I am grateful that a large part of you guys supported this product and opted to be the very first ones. And also, if you are now planning to be a part of the LLM Studio, we have opened the waitlist for you to join. 

Join LLM Studio Waitlist

The waitlist won’t provide you instant access, rather within a few weeks, when the API & the platform is a little steady, you will be provided the access. 

At last, being someone who is turning 21 next month, your existence and active participation in building together is incomparable. And I know I have made some mistakes in past, which I am dedicated for not happening again.

I’ll just say that consider me as your younger brother, or your elder son and criticise me on my wrongdoings, scold me on my mistakes, just talk me and support me as I am growing and building things in coming years. 

Thank you for your existence and active participation!

Udit Akhouri

Your young brother!

(Also maker of Supervised AI)

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