Turn your ideas into

a proper business plan.


Smart sharable plan with all details included.

Ideas are rough. Ideas are volatile. In fact, every time you narrate your ideas to someone, it changes. That’s where concepts are important. You can answer few questions and get the business plan generated.





Your ideas are worth giving a try. Let's do it!

Turn your ideas into a reality. Create a concept to find early adapters and let them join your waitlist. Grow the list of your potential adapters by retargeting them via email & push notifications.

Re-target your adapters with hybrid notifications.

Re-target your early adapters for multiple product versions & updates with HTNs or Hybrid Targeted Notifications. Use push notifications, emails & SMS to reach out your potential users directly. 

What people are saying

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Dr. Sanjay Sharma


Sttabot has helped us in automating our incubation center. The features are life-saving and really powerful.

Mr. Rahul Shrivastava

Mr. Rahul Shrivastava

MD, Shrivastava Associates

We automated the document generation with Sttabot’s enterprise version. It has become super easy to generate documents and get them shipped to our clients.

Mr. Deepak Gupta

Mr. Deepak Gupta

Ex-Chairman, DMA

It becomes really impossible for early products to get the right users. Sttabot’s user testing let us target that audience which we want. 

Ismael Wattara

Ismael Wattara

Founder, Chess Moves Show

I am using Sttabot since their 1st release in 2020. That time, the product was very different. But whatever the team has made is great and flawless. 

Dr. Lalit Sharma

Dr. Lalit Sharma


Sttabot has facilitated the automation that we always needed. The team is great in handling the support service.

Mr. Subash Bose

Mr. Subash Bose

Founder, InAtom

I first joined Sttabot as a mentor for one of it’s product. And since I joined, the guys made many improvements. Excited to find more from what the team is building.

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