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There’s a new way to build powerful, generative AI backed Telegram bots using Sttabot AI. Try it yourself.

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Manage your community with AI-powered Telegram & Discord bots.

You can now manage your Telegram community using generative AI. Let users communicate, get support and communicate with an AI version of your community manager. 

Add AI-backed moderation to find and flag spam & abusive messages.

Let AI moderate your community. Typical logic bots often fail at identifying multi-lingual messages of hate and spam. Let AI take control of moderating such comments and conversations. 

Cater your community like never before..

Sttabot lets you unlock the power of automation using generative AI and community platforms like Telegram and Discord. Build, launch and deploy your bots in multiple verticals. 

Standalone Bots

Build local or cloud hosted AI apps using Sttabot no-code and API infra.

Community Bots

Build complex AI backed AI chat bots to automate your support and sales.

Channel Bots

Build & annotate your dataset from scratch or with our pre-trained templates.

Start building your AI apps for free

Getting started with Sttabot AI is absolutely free of cost. 

waitlist (#12)