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A better AI infra for
building chatbot apps., building custom LLMs., building datasets., annotation & training.

Sttabot is the new way to get started with NLP. Our no-code and low-code AI infrastructure helps you to complete all of your dev activities at 60% less time.

First choice of 10,000+ global teams for AI development.

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What is Sttabot?

Sttabot is a cloud-based AI development & infrastructure platforms that lets you build NLP-backed AI apps using no-code & low-code technology. We let users train, annotate and build AI models using the platform.

AI Apps

Build local or cloud hosted AI apps using Sttabot no-code and API infra.

AI Chat Bots

Build complex AI backed AI chat bots to automate your support and sales.

Training & Annotation

Build & annotate your dataset from scratch or with our pre-trained templates.

LLM Models

Custom deploy LLM models and build unlimited AI apps with Sttabot AI & API.

Latest release : Sttabot SDK & API access is now live in beta.

Now, you can scale your AI applications using the Sttabot’s own API and GUI-enabled SDK for developing scalable LLM solutions at lightning fast speed.

Sttabot is optimised for automating your tasks.

It is really very easy to automate your everyday tasks with Sttabot AI bots. 

Customer Support & Service

Customer Support & Service

Automate your enterprise’s customer support by integrating an efficient AI-backed chat bot in emails, apps, and web sites. 

Sales And Recommendation

Sales And Recommendation

Easily build & integrate a bot to upsell and recommend products on your sales and pricing page to increase ROI.

Developing New AI Product

Developing New AI Product

Build a completely new AI product/tool from scratch using our AI infrastructure that gives you endless possibilities for building. 

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